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COOL is an innovative and intelligent mattress that takes care of you and your rest, using some raw materials of vegetable origin. It incorporates 10 cm of viscoelastic of last generation, divided into two different densities: a medium density, which adapts to your body quickly and a higher one that cushions that adaptation making it more progressive, thus resulting in a perfect combination for a relaxed and decontracting rest. In addition, their cellular structures are open-pore, so their breathability increases significantly.


The aeration channels created by the cellular structure of these viscoelastics ventilate the mattress continuously making us have a fresher rest without sweating. We must know that all visco mattresses need a good support to lean on, so under this large layer of viscoelastic we put a firm Qualitex® support to keep our back aligned, which will make us rest correctly and healthily.


COOLFLOW AIR. Its origin comes from vegetable oils and it is a very soft viscoelastic. Its structure has a lattice shape, with a very open pore, which allows the evacuation of heat to be very fast; It is a very breathable visco. It also has a great capacity for resilience, and although its density is medium-high, it is very "soft", so it adapts very quickly to our body.


Would you like to try our COOL mattress? You already know that in TOP BEDROOMS you can try 100 nights at home... Don't think twice!




HR foam block mattresses with COOLGRAPH and COOLFLOW AIR adapt to the body surface of the sleeper and are very durable in optimal conditions, that is, their properties have high durability and their breathability is high.  The COOL model mattress is firm, thanks to the HR35 QUALITEX® foam block that it carries inside, which allows an optimal adaptability that, in addition,  prevents sinking. It represents the firm base that the mattress needs, while the Viscoelastic layers (COOLGRAPH and COOLFLOW AIR) represent comfort: in short, adaptable on the surface and with the right firmness inside. 


In quality HR foam block mattresses with COOLGRAPH and VISCOSENSE, such as the COOL model , breathability is high and comfort is guaranteed, thanks to the COOLGRAPH layer and the VISCOSENSE layer, which adapts perfectly to the body surface, without exerting pressure points, keeps the body in perfect state of rest thanks also to its porosity and aeration capacity. 


The durability of the COOL model is high. Durability is understood not only as longevity measured in terms of time, but, more importantly, that the properties of the mattress remain as similar as possible to those it has when the mattress is completely new, that is, that the loss of properties of the materials (which occurs in all mattresses) is as small as possible and is extended as much as possible.




High Density HR Foam Block Mattress QUALITEX + Viscoelastic Enriched Technique Graphene COOLGRAPH + Comfort Viscoelastic COOLFLOW AIR.



Outer cover with zipper on 3 sides. Fully removable. You can see what the mattress carries inside. Machine washable at 60° C.

Interior cover in knitted fabric.



It is presented vacuum-packed.



       ○ COOLFLOW AIR 5cm: is a super-soft viscoelastic, with a reticular structure and a very open pore: it is very breathable. Its adaptability is maximum due to its softness and adaptability to the curves of the body surface in the absence of surface pressure make it an ideal material to be in contact with the sleeper's body.

      ○ COOLGRAPH 5cm: is a viscoelastic with a very open pore and heat evacuation is very high, thanks to its composition, which includes materials such as graphene. Its thermal conductivity is 7 times higher than that of other viscoelastic materials. This is made possible by the combination of three fundamental factors: an open cell structure with high air flow, CoolFlow foam and Graphene. Graphene significantly improves heat transfer when we compress it, so when our body rests on the Visco Coolgraph, the heat we give off is collected and carried to the areas where there is no pressure, expelling it to the outside. In this way we forget about heat and sweating during rest. 

      ○ HR35 Qualitex® 17cm: is the material developed to be the basis of most of our mattresses. Why? Because it is strong, durable, breathable, and most importantly: EFFICIENT. It is important to have a firm base so that your back rests correctly and healthily. In short, it is High Density HR; which gives the mattress its firmness.


 Outer cover in Stretch Fabric 500 gr./m² Composition Polyester 80%, Viscose 15%, Elastane 5% and in Upholstery Fabric 330 gr./m². Composition 100% Polyester. Breathable, with zip. 

 Inner cover in elastic knitted fabric.


 Thickness 28 cm. (± 1 cm.)

 Width(cm.): 80, 90, 100, 105, 120, 135, 140, 150, 160, 180, 200

 Long (cm.) 180, 190, 200


 Place your mattress on a suitable base, which allows it to be correctly positioned and ventilated. The base should be the same size as the mattress.


 It is advisable to use a mattress cover or mattress protector for a better conservation and protection of the mattress.


 Do not jump on the mattress or place sharp or heavy objects on it that could deform or damage it.


 It is also advisable to turn the mattress up and down for mattresses that sleep two people or just one person on one side of the mattress. The aim is that the mattress has the same wear and tear in all areas of the mattress, which allows for an optimal and long-lasting use of the mattress itself.


  The durability of the mattress will depend on many factors (such as the frequency of use, the weight of the sleepers, etc.), but above all on the nature and quality of the materials from which it is made. These properties wear and tear, and the overall performance of the mattress decreases, even without being noticeable at first glance: but the wear and tear will occur sooner if the materials are of lower quality.


 A mattress of medium, medium-high or high quality will remain in optimal conditions of use throughout its useful life, which can be 10 years or more. On the other hand, a cheap mattress (whose quality of materials and finishes is lower than higher quality mattresses) will have a shorter lifespan of a few years, showing excessive wear of materials after a few years (even months) and negatively affecting your rest; moreover, in this case, your health will force you to change your mattress sooner, so that your rest will be of lower quality and, moreover, more expensive in economic terms.

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