What warranty do the products have?


All TopFoams products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect. The warranty period is 3 years (no article manifests manufacturing defects after that period) according to the provisions of current legislation (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws).



In case of manufacturing defects, TopFoams will change the product for another provided that the claim is documented to incidencias@topdormitorios.com or any other means valid in law, attaching photos or videos of the aforementioned defects. In this case the client will not assume any expenses.


To enforce the warranty of the products, the consumer user must be in possession of the original purchase document and will be applicable exclusively for domestic use of the products. The customer must communicate the lack of conformity to incidencias@topdormitorios.com. TopFoams may request photos, videos, or other graphic media that allow the study of the product. Thus, depending on the deficiency or anomaly presented, the technical staff of TopFoams will decide if the article is replaced or repaired. If repair is chosen, the product will be removed from the home and returned within a period not exceeding 21 days, not being able to demand an article in substitution or any economic compensation for it.


The guarantee responds to the lack of conformity before any defect or manufacturing defect, covering the costs of travel, transport of the product, materials and labor that are caused to correct the lack of conformity of the product, during the validity of the same.


The Warranty applies only during the period in which the Product has been in the possession and control of the original purchaser. Likewise, the buyer must keep his purchase receipt so that he can present it if requested.


The user declares to know that all the products sold in TopFoams are intended for domestic use. The guarantees offered by TopFoams with respect to its articles are conditioned to its exclusively domestic use. TopFoams is not responsible in any case for possible claims arising from a use other than that for which the article is designed.




What is not covered by the warranty?


The following cases are not considered lack of conformity of the products and, therefore, exempt from warranty:


Normal wear and tear caused by normal use of the product.



Stains due to liquids and body fluids, breakage of fabrics and / or handles, etc.



The obsolescence produced by the appearance of new materials, models and systems in the market.



The greater sinking or settlement of internal layers in the bed of a sleeper with greater weight than the other (in case of mattresses in which two people sleep) if the mattress has not been turned sporadically following the recommendations for use.



Defects due to improper use, poor storage, dirt, use of force, water or fire damage, excessive loads, moisture or stains on the mattress, use of chemicals, or repairs made by third parties.



The pilling of fabrics or upholstery, as it is a phenomenon inherent to fabrics and merely aesthetic, which does not affect the performance of the article.



The odors of the mattress during the first days of use after receiving it new, since it is something inherent to the composition of the same and will disappear within a few days with proper ventilation, not being harmful.



Normal settlement of the inner layers of the mattress corresponding to 20% of the total height of the mattress according to standard UNE-EN 1334:1996. It is a normal phenomenon, a sign of adaptation of the mattress; This settlement does not modify in any way the qualities of comfort and solidity and durability and therefore does not give the right to repair or compensation for it.



Damage or breakage in foams and / or significant damage to the springs in a mattress by having bent it once unpacked.



Color changes of foams. Normal phenomenon that does not modify the quality of comfort, material or solidity of the whole.



Appearance of mold on mattresses, due to weather conditions, humidity, insufficient ventilation of the room, type of base used (hermetic and / or varnished), as well as users with high sweating.



Loss of firmness of a mattress of up to 20% of the initial values. In these cases, no returns will be accepted.



Damage to the core of latex mattresses due to having been positioned on upholstered bases, canapés with a smooth lid, or any other surface that does not allow perspiration. Nor can mattress protectors be used to prevent proper ventilation.



Moisture stains on viscoelastic mattresses positioned on supports other than a smooth lid or multilayers, such as bathtubs, tatamis, or any other that prevents proper aeration.



Any incident caused by mattresses positioned on spring bed frames.



Damage caused by jumping or standing on the mattress.



Damage or deformations produced in the mattress by a deformed base in poor condition.



Deterioration derived from improper use, caused by accident or by not observing the recommendations for use and maintenance of the product, as well as those derived from transport or storage on behalf of the customer.



Damage to an articulated bed frame when sitting, jumping or pressing on a plane of the bed base when it is articulated (it is not prepared for this use; the same in the lid of a folding bed when it is in the open position.



minimal "noises" of rubbing in articulated bed frames or folding canapés lids, which are solvable using silicone-based spray to keep the joints of the systems in optimal condition.



Damage to the opening systems of the canapé or to the lid of the same for having lowered the latter without having the mattress located above.



Products that present a variation in their measures less than +/- 20mm (tolerance admitted according to European regulations UNE-EN 1334).