There are veritable rivers of ink on this subject and you can write or quote as much information as you like. But that is counterproductive for the user who only wants a little light to try to get his purchase decision right. Therefore, below, we present a clear, as brief as possible and succinct explanation of some important aspects that should be known about the world of rest. Without technical words, so that everything is perfectly understood without the need for a dictionary or to be an expert in these matters.




There are quite a few topics related to rest: some we take into account when making purchasing decisions regarding our rest items, but others we overlook. Non-exhaustively, some of them may be:


We spent 1/3 of our life resting on our mattress. It is rigorously true. Graphically, a person whose longevity is 90 years will have slept for approximately 30 years: it is as if to take it seriously.



The quality of sleep and our rest depends on personal performance during the day. It is also true. When we talk about personal performance, we also include work performance. If we do not sleep and rest well we will not be able to face the day with guarantees of success and satisfaction, neither physically nor spiritually: it is also like to take it seriously.


There are people who say that the cost of mattresses and rest items is expensive. Well, it is the cheapest contribution to our health and well-being that exists. Suppose a married couple invests €1,000 in a rest kit that will last them 10 years, which is approximately 3,650 days. It is easy to make calculations: € 1000/€ 3,650 = € 0.27 per day for 8 hours of health and well-being or, what is the same, it does not reach € 0.14 per person if 2 people rest in the team: is there anything cheaper that provides the amount of health and well-being that a good rest equipment brings? We think not, honestly.


Each person is a world when it comes to resting and what is valid for someone may not be valid for another person who I include has the same age and the same weight, for example. However, there are certain generic recommendations depending mainly on height (regarding the length measurement of the mattress itself), complexion and body weight, whether the sleeper has any ailment related to the musculoskeletal system, their sleeping posture, etc.




The most important component when it comes to resting is the mattress. But it is not the only one: for a good mattress to "do its job correctly" it must rest on a suitable base and in perfect condition and must be complemented by a suitable pillow (the pillow is the most "personal" component of the rest equipment).


In a broad sense (the particularities could lead us to write an authentic testament), it can be said that there are 3 types of mattresses: block mattresses or rubber-foam core in its different varieties (with viscoelastic added as comfort material), latex block or core mattresses and block or spring core mattresses. Let's look briefly at something about each of them:




Rubber-foam mattress with memory foam. They are a good purchase option as long as the rubber-foam has an adequate thickness, is of good quality and of a high density (the durability of the optimal properties of the rubber-foam is shortened with low densities and qualities, that is, they may seem to be fine at first, but soon they will cease to be, while a good quality with a high density will maintain the properties for much longer). For proper comfort, this type of mattress needs the contact surface with the body of the sleepers to be made of an adaptable and heat-sensitive material such as viscoelastic and the thickness, density and quality of this will depend, to a large extent, on the comfort of the mattress and its performance.


They can be closed, with a perimeter edging on both sides and without access to their interior, or sheathed in a padded or non-padded outer cover (which in some cases can be washed) and zipped, which reveals its interior.


Sometimes they can be vacuum-packed, which does not have to be negative as long as the quality of the core is good and they have not been rolled for a long time.



Latex mattress. It is also a good option. Latex is also an adaptable product, with a very high resilience ("rebound capacity"). This type of mattresses are firmer than rubber-foam with viscoelastic, are articulable for their flexibility (they can be on an articulated box spring and articulate perfectly) and their performance and durability are very high.

It is very common for latex mattresses to come sheathed with an outer zippered cover, which can be padded with memory foam or other materials or not padded.


For reasons of breathability, it is recommended that latex mattresses are placed on multi-layer bed bases (many sheets, very narrow and very close together), not on slat bed bases (few sheets, very wide and very separated) or on bases with a smooth lid.



Spring mattress. It is the most classic option, so to speak. There are two types:


- Spring casings, which are "the springs of a lifetime", in which multiple steel springs are intertwined with each other forming a single casing. They are consumed less and less and have been relegated to a low range of product.


- Those of bagged or bagged springs. These are individual springs, tucked into "bags", which act individually, adapting perfectly to the pressure demand of the different parts of the sleeper's body. They are closed with piping and have layer or layers of viscoelastic and / or rubber-foam on one side or on both sides. They are a very good choice for comfort, breathability and durability.



Which is better? It depends on many factors, as we have discussed before. The most important thing is to be advised by a good professional, with extensive knowledge on the subject, who will listen to you about your characteristics and preferences and will know how to advise you so that your rest is healthy.


Once the mattress is acquired and depending on it, it will require minimum care that will be recommended by the professional, such as turning it every so often if it has both sides enabled as a sleeping bed, changing from top to bottom, etc. It is also recommended to use a mattress protector, in any case.








How to identify a good professional? This is complicated because there are many vendors who repeat commercial mantras like parrots, lacking technical rigor, so to speak. A tip: the best professional is one who has worked in a factory in production or in areas related to production, or who has been trained by someone with that profile, because they know things that a mere seller (said with all respect) does not know.








How long should a mattress last? It also depends on many factors, such as the quality of the mattress, its use in terms of body weight of the sleepers, especially, etc. A standard period of 10 years is established, so to speak. It is evident that mattresses over the years are losing properties, although they continue to serve their use. It is very common to hear people who sleep on a mattress of 8 or 10 years say "it's fine" or "it's like the first day"... That is not true, what happens is that with the use of day to day the decline in the comfort of the mattress itself is not appreciated. These people realize that their mattress was bad when they receive the new one that replaces it and check what is a new item, with all its properties intact.


It is evident that the investment in a good mattress, although it has a higher initial cost, is successful, because its durability in the state of high performance will be much greater than that of a mattress of the so-called economic or cheap, which will have a lower cost at the time of purchase, but will lose the properties before,  So your rest will suffer and, in addition, you will have to change your mattress soon, so in the medium term it will already be a more expensive option than having acquired a quality mattress from the beginning.







As for the base of the mattress, there are also several types and its recommendation or not will depend on the type of mattress and the use that will be given. The folding canapés or chests have great penetration in the market due to their storage capacity and durability, but there are also other options such as the upholstered base or the multi-layer bed frame of a lifetime. The best, as always, to be properly advised depending on the functionality that will be given and all the other conditions.







And what about pillows? Well, the same, that is, that the suitability of choice of one type or another will depend on the use and habits of rest of the sleeper, age, etc. With which, we arrive at the same as always: the advice of a professional.








The headboard fulfills a strictly ornamental function, so the finish of the product is perhaps the most important. It is also that it has a good structure and that it has a good padding and is upholstered in a leatherette or a quality fabric, but it must stand out for its design and finish. Most are manufactured in a very handmade way.








What are the recommended maintenance tips to keep the product in optimal condition?


For the correct use and maintenance in optimal conditions of the rest articles, it is convenient to observe some care:


Ventilation of the room. The room should be regularly aired in order to maintain a healthy and pleasant climate for you and your mattress and sleeping equipment.




It is convenient to change the position of the mattress once a month, turning from head to toe and from head to toe (in those mattresses that can be done). Latex mattresses should also be rotated from top to bottom and bottom up. Do not perform this action on memory foam mattresses on one side. We recommend this practice to use the entire base of the mattress at rest.




Never keep a folding canapé with the lid down and no mattress on top; The pressure exerted by the pistons and compasses can cause an inopportune opening and by surprise, and can cause injuries by strong blow to the user. Damages caused by failure to observe this precaution will in no case be covered by TopFoams.




Latex mattresses, viscoelastic mattresses, or foams are susceptible to being folded and rolled, without this harming in any way the qualities, characteristics or performance of the same. Always do it carefully to avoid damage and possible tears in the materials.




It is advisable to keep the mattress clean and protected from moisture and external agents with a cover.






If you wish, for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.